Cigarettes and alcohol, causes more severe sleep disorders

Coffee is often accused of causing sleep disorders. In fact, smoking and alcohol are far more influential. Find out the facts below.

Most people will think that the cause of sleep disorders is stress, most drink coffee, and take long naps. But apparently, smoking and alcohol can also cause severe sleep disorders. Do not believe?

Effects of cigarettes and alcohol on sleep disorders
Reporting from Healthline, new research published in the journal Sleep shows, one of the main ways to overcome sleep disorders is to stay away from nicotine (cigarettes) and alcoholic drinks. Better yet, if 4 hours before bedtime, you don’t consume caffeine at all, whether it’s caffeine from coffee, tea, or dark chocolate.

Research related to the causes of sleep disorders was carried out by researchers from Florida Atlantic University (FAU), with the help of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and several other leading universities. They focused their research on the amount of alcohol and nicotine ingested in 785 African-Americans.

The participants chosen in the study were those who did not think they had trouble sleeping at night. In addition, African-Americans are considered to have shorter sleep duration and worse sleep quality than white people.

The results of the study concluded, smoking cigarettes at night, while consuming alcoholic beverages is proven to make people more awake, rather than just drinking coffee.

Can damage the sleep cycle genes and often wake up
Drinking large amounts of alcohol can permanently damage the genes involved in a healthy sleep and wake cycle. Worse yet, if you smoke a cigarette at night, the desire to suck the source of nicotine in the morning is also greater.

Because, nicotine can make the brain addicted. The brain will “wake up” you just to satisfy its desires (smoking again and again).

Conditions often woke up plus the condition of shortness of breath due to smoking can finally make you have poor sleep quality. Poor sleep quality will definitely affect the person’s overall health.

Most people need excessive caffeine intake first to make their sleep quality disturbed. Meanwhile, alcohol and nicotine do not require large amounts. Not a few people who actually use alcoholic beverages to quickly fall asleep.

Unfortunately, although alcohol can make someone who is drunk fall asleep easily, or even lose consciousness, alcohol can also make him wake up faster. That means, the person still has little sleep.

How to deal with sleep disorders
Now, you know that alcohol and cigarettes are a great combination if you want to disrupt sleep quality and time. So, if you do not want to be affected by sleep disorders, you must avoid these two things. Plus, don’t drink coffee 4 hours before bedtime.

Outside the three triggering factors above, Dr. Reza Fahlevi has several ways to help you overcome sleep disorders. As for the method intended, among others:

  • Make yourself as relaxed as possible before going to sleep, such as doing meditation, yoga, praying, and relaxation.
  • If you have psychological problems, try to accept it. Reception can make you calmer and fall asleep more easily.
  • When you wake up, don’t look for cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, or sleeping pills.
  • Rather than drinking coffee, smoking, or drinking alcoholic beverages before going to bed, you better exercise.
  • Use a light sleep and blindfold. You can wear an eye patch that contains cold silicone to make the eyes more comfortable.
  • Try to sleep and wake up at the same time (even though it’s a holiday) so that the body can regulate the rest cycle well.

If the cause of sleep disorders is not alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and severe stress, but certain physical conditions consult a doctor immediately. Because sleep disorders must be treated immediately so as not to lead to severe fatigue, decreased endurance, or depression.